I’ve had my roots firmly planted in the world of photography for 9 years now.  I’ve learned that portraits are the most fulfilling for me because in order to really get that great portrait of someone, we have to connect.  During a portrait shoot, I don’t just stand there and shoot pictures.  There is a relationship building process taking place that most people don’t even realize.  That relationship is necessary for you to bring the wall down and let your true self shine in front of the camera.  This applies to all forms of portraiture I shoot.  I shoot headshots (actor, model, and corporate), personal portraits (engagements, family, high school seniors, etc.), and I also shoot events.  I treat event photography as candid portrait shoots where I’m shooting my subject from a distance while they do their thing.  There can be quite the connection made when shooting that style as well.  Let’s get you started on your way to looking amazing in front of the camera!


What type of photography are you interested in?

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